Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Who is a Certified Legal Nurse Consultants?

    Certified Legal Nurse Consultants are registered nurses who have been through specialized training in the analysis of medical information for attorneys, insurance companies, healthcare facilities and government agencies. We work within two recommended capacities listed below:

    1. Consulting Expert (work is for attorney eyes only)
    2. Testifying Expert (work is discoverable)
  2. What kinds of reports do you produce?

    "We use a variety of formats including narrative, outline, chronological timeline, and tables and graphs. We produce any of these in brief, moderate or comprehensive length. All reports are customized to your needs and the needs of the case.

  3. Why do you need us to research the medical literature?

    "We can help you tap into authoritative sources cost-effectively."
    "We weed out irrelevant information."
    "We can apply the information to the case at hand proficiently and in a timely manner."

    We can save you money in this area by:
    • Healthcare standards?
    • Authoritative texts?
    • Assessing visual aids?"
  4. What's the difference between a CLNC consultant and a nurse paralegal?

    "A CLNC consultant focuses on nursing and medical issues. A nurse paralegal concentrates on the legal issues which may prohibit an in-depth analysis of the medical issues."

  5. What is the consultants turn-around time for a report?

    There is a turn around time of approximately two weeks for record review. Rush report preparation and delivery are available

  6. What is your turn-around time and do you offer rush service?

    Statistically, record reviews have been going out within 10 days and examination reports within 20 days. Rush assignments can be completed within one to 14 days, at an additional cost as follows:

    Record Review
    0-2 days: $600.00 rush fee
    2-14 days: $500.00
    Anything after 14 days would not have a rush fee.

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