Personal Care Attendant (PCA) Certification

Our licensed staff assists with further explanations, answering questions and providing basic computer instructions. At the end of this class all students will have a printed copy of their PCA certification and be registered with the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS). 

Program fee: Free
Facility fee: $50.00

Training requirements

A personal care assistant must show successful completion of a training requirement in items A to E:

A. a nursing assistant training program or its equivalent for which competency as a nursing assistant is determined according to a test administered by the State Board of Technical Colleges;
B. a homemaker home health aide training program using a curriculum recommended by the Minnesota Department of Health;
C. an accredited educational program for registered nurses or licensed practical nurses;
D. a training program that provides the assistant with skills required to perform personal care assistant services specified in subpart 8, items A to N; or
E. determination by the personal care provider that the assistant has, through training or experience, the skills required to perform the personal care services specified in subpart 8, items A to N. Minnesota statute requires all PCAs to take pass a certification test. You may take the training and test as often as needed. However, you must pass:

  • Before enrolling with the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS)
  • Within one year after training is available if already enrolled with DHS and affiliated with a PCA provider agency